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Sunday, November 17, 2013

  MAINSTREAM MEDIA—Weapon of Mass Deception


             It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”


Posted by  Charles R Marquette


What NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, BBC, ABC, MSNBC and their online proxy media outlets have all in common? EVERYTHING! Not one of them is without political interest bias. And although they all are competing for high rating, do not let that fool you. All those big fancy letters are just acronyms of different corporate branches of the same overlapping things—media webs serving a fascist corporate system. The eleven biggest and most influential media organizations have interlocking directorships with each other through thirty-six other Fortune 1,000 corporations—creating a solid network of overlapping interests and affiliations. Given such an interlocked media network, we can safely say that they are the media elite of the world and effectively represent the interests of corporate America. They have become the watchdogs of acceptable ideological messages, the parameters of news and information content, and the general use of media resources. So it is no surprise to any alert observer why it is so difficult to find objective reporting from this conglomerate corporation owned news network They have become nothing but useful tools to disseminate misinformation, distraction, confusion, emotional manipulation, manipulation of the public’s perception, the shaping of public opinion, hypnotic programming, psychological clouds, idiocy of all sorts and, in far too many instances, outright falsehood; thus undermining people’s trust. Occasionally—just to be fair—they would report to the public some sort of truth. When the actual facts inevitably come to light, the chief editor gets busy elaborating a report that might tally with the facts that egregiously contradict the previous report they put out. But even then the report, in many cases, turns out to be nothing more than a piss-poor backtracking still showing vestiges of bias. [If] at any point in time they all were reliable sources from where the populace could have gotten the truth, facts, unbiased and honest journalism and journalists, today that is rarely the case. All of that has changed inauspiciously. Today journalism students spend four or five years studying journalism only to become, in most cases, nothing more than little mouthpiece and little talking-heads for the establishment, with aspiration and dreams of one day becoming bigger talking-heads hosting their own Talking-Head shows where some of them can feel free to display their own nature—arrogance, self-righteousness, narcissism, bigotry, bias, contemptuousness and polarization. Sometimes acting under the delusion that they are society’s appointed saviors.

Journalism schools and journalists teach and emphasize to students on what are the core principles that define the work of journalism. Here I shall briefly touch upon a few of those principles only for the purpose of highlighting the stark contrast between how ought to be and what actually is journalism today:

·         Journalism has a moral obligation to the truth

In our democratic system journalists are expected to provide the citizens reliable and accurate [facts] presented in a clear and meaningful context; that is, in a practical sense—not philosophical. We expect—and we have every right to do so—that journalists report all the news in an unbiased and fair manner.

·         Its first loyalty should be to public

It is true that news networks answer to its constituencies, and the constituencies is also               composed of shareholders and advertisers. However, maintaining the public interest above any other is the basis of a news network’s credibility; thus its first and most important alliance should be formed with the citizens.

·         Professional  discipline for verifying information

Journalists must be objective, but that does not mean that they are bias-free. But it is required of them to demonstrate transparency when dealing with evidence. They must rely on a consistent method of testing information and techniques that through the years have been developed for determining facts. They must seek out several witnesses, ask different sides for comments, use sources that have been proven to be reliable, and even disclose as much as possible about those sources. And it is, in fact, this methodology of verification which distinguishes journalism from other ways of communication, such as propaganda and entertainment.

·         Journalists should keep an independence from the people they cover

In journalism this is a requirement, an underlying prerequisite, the underpinning of credibility and reliability. Despite that they are not neutral, however, they should not display any devotion to any particular group or sector or outcome. Their independent intellectual fairness and their ability to inform the public responsibly, with fairness and accuracy, is the business of journalists.

There are a few more core principles that are essential to the practice of honest journalism that I could enumerate, but I see no relevant point in doing it, so I am not going to shrink one more word or a minute of my time attempting to explain what—in principle—journalism should be like and, instead, I will continue impugning on what journalism has become.

On November 5, 2012, Todd Leopold, from CNN, published an article titled “Still ‘paranoid’ after all these years.” In this article he begins by quoting an [opinion] of Anais Nin—a female author who published some journals, some novels and some erotica and that is pretty much it, but apparently he sees her, I suppose, as some sort of authority—I do not know exactly on what—worth to quote from. He continues by asking a question:

Ever have the feeling you’re being lied to by the news media, the authorities, the corporate world? That somebody—or something—is out to get you?

Then he continues—as if  being lied to by anyone is a matter of a “feeling” one feels and not exactly based on reality—and let you know with a sort of paternalistic consolation that “You’re not alone.” Yes, there are more people who “feel” just like you; they, too, “feel” they are being lied to. The underlying point of his article is that Americans, in his own judgment, are or have become unreasonably paranoid. Somewhere in his article he briefly conceded that “…there have been times when the suspicious have had a point” and that “…American history has not been kind to the conspiracists. In general it has fought off their claims, laughed at their theories.” He also quotes Mr. Vaughan, a political science professor at Assumption college as saying:

“One of the reason conspiracy theories have proliferated over the last half century is that they have been proven correct.”

But Mr. Leopold is not interested in going any further than that. He is not willing (or allowed) to concede more than what he has already done because he has a job to do—he works for CNN—and the underlying intent of his article is to bash a growing number of dissenters who can think outside the box and are willing to question mass media and challenge their “official stories”. He disingenuously glosses over the fact that the average citizen’s growing distrust of the news media and the government, actually shows a measure of intelligence—not paranoia. It is well documented that the government has lied routinely to the citizens of this country whenever its actions run contrary to the will of the people, and the corporate media, in complicity with the government and big business, distorts the truth by spinning facts into ridiculous fantasy and vice-versa, or failing to accurately report on important events altogether. They are—those media networks—tight controlled by the Pentagon, corporate giants and the neo-cons; so we don’t really have news  media serving the interest of the  people. What we have instead, in addition to cartoon politics (liberals vs. conservatives and the left vs. the right news channels) is a huge propaganda media machine creating scenarios that no matter how dumb and silly it may sound or indeed be, it has the ability to alter people’s perception of reality by reinforcing them through repetition.  But that is not all that difficult to do when you are dealing with a huge percentage of the population who can barely read and write, do not know the difference between the words suffering and suffrage and who believe that Egypt is located somewhere in Europe.

“The Bogeymen”

The only thing objective about Mr. Leopold’s article is an egregious pretence of being objective. His contemptuousness for what he calls “bogeyman” is conspicuous, and so it is his effort to trivialize, discredit and downplay perceptive observations of intelligent citizens who cannot be duped, confused or treated like a bunch of morons. The glaring implication of the “boogeyman” label he sneeringly uses is that the lies and deceptions uncovered by those intelligent citizens through independent media and research are but figment of the imagination or “conspiracy theory.” No doubt there are irrational numb-nuts who are fascinated with conspiracy theories of some kind or another that have been debunked time and time again. In the past, and still today, there have been people who, for various reasons, have concocted some ridiculous and absurd stories or theories. And then there are also people who actually suffer from a mental condition characterized by delusions clinically known as Paranoia. But Mr. Leopold has been disingenuous and dishonest by trying to lump those individuals together with intelligent and well-informed Americans who are more than capable and willing to use critical thinking, and discern through a pile of lies, deception and bullshit coming from either the government or its tight-controlled mass media, or both.

No Mr. Leopold, wrong dealing, lack of transparency, cover ups and outright lies is what help to create what you call “boogeyman.”The sinking of the U.S.S. Main battleship in Havana Harbor on February 15, 1898 was a false flag to justify the Spanish-American war—defeating Spain and taking solo possession of that island. Investigation that followed after the war proved that Spain had nothing to do with that event. The magic bullet that went through president Kennedy’s neck, came through the then Texas Governor’s chest, exited through one of his wrist and penetrated one of his thigh; and then, of course, shortly after that came the Mafioso-style of execution of the man who presumably fired that strange bullet. President Nixon and his Watergate scandal—I don’t think I need to elaborate on that. The drug-for-arms, the Nicaraguan contras and Oliver North scandal and cover up during the Regan administration. The well documented nefarious false flag of the Tonkin Gulf event to justify the expansion of the war in Vietnam ( We all know “Weapon of Mass Destruction” in Iraq was a boldface lie cooked up by people who had vested interest in the slaughtering of innocent Iraqi people and the destruction of that nation. And no Mr. Leopold, that was not a figment of the imagination or a “boogeyman.” Any American who wholeheartedly believed that an event of such a magnitude as 9/11—catching a trillion dollar defense industry and the most sophisticated and technologically advanced intelligence in the world off guard—was masterminded and directed by a bearded guy from a cave somewhere in the Middle East, has been bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray and made a fool of. And so is anyone who even for a second would entertain the idea that the 9/11 Commission’s report is the genuine, concise and unquestionable truth. One has to be helplessly retarded to swallow that whitewash. That is a mockery to our intelligence and an insult to reason. And yet the mainstream media regurgitated day and night this silliness. They worked day and night trying to make look silly to question the government’s version. The suspects behind the [9/11] event extends far beyond the purported 19 middle-easterners allegedly to be the main protagonists, and the bearded guy hiding in a cave in some remote area in the Middle-East whence he purportedly designed the plan and directed the whole operation. But this is a very disturbing truth for far too many Americans who have been uninformed and misinformed by the same mainstream media source they trust to tell them the truth, and outright rejected, even as a mere possibility, by other Americans who willfully prefer to live in a comfortable falsehood—undisturbed by the inconvenient encumbrance of the truth. They only care to hear about the myth of American “exceptionalism” and what entertainers known as Beyonce or Lady Gaga eats for breakfast and what brand of toilet paper they use to wipe off their asses. These are the people who resort to insurmountable cognitive dissonance to reject even the most remote possibility of their government being—in some way or another—involved in such sinister and heinous act. Yet many, if not most, of these people have no problem believing in talking-snake, talking-donkey, talking-burning bush and a man parting the sea by simply lifting in the air a staff and screaming some dogmatic gibberish. So while they willfully bury their heads in the sand, our nation keeps moving further and further towards plutocracy, corporatism and totalitarianism. This is the sad reality.

Mahatma Gandhi once said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

I am optimistic that eventually corporate media will begin to soften much of its grip on the monopoly of what we are fed as “news,” on what they are [compelled] to tout as “official report” and “official stories” due to the growing phenomenon of alternative media throughout the internet which challenge them in the news media arena. The challenge they are increasingly facing is real and they can no longer ignore it. Alternative media is the counter to corporate-government controlled media. It provides a more clean and in-depth analysis of stories that are, most of the time, edited, re-edited and tailored to suite the interest of those the corporate media represents. It helps to bring real discussion about real issues common people are facing. They provide the other side of stories that the corporate media either conceals, distort or outright dismisses. They offer different views, fair and more balanced analysis of different events that have the potential to affect, for the worse, the world community. This is highly imperative for alternative media if we are to alter or change the current global state of affair. But this is an uphill battle against the much stronger and well-positioned establishment. It is a Dave vs. Goliath kind of battle, but somehow I am confident we will prevail.   

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